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It is not that fun, dad

“It is not that fun, dad!” Corban exclaimed as we talked about living through this historic event while playing one of their favourite games. And he has a point. By now I’m sure we’ve all become somewhat experts, to varying degrees, in the sad art of isolation and social distancing. And while history teaches us that we will move past this challenge and that the pandemic will at some point recede and then pass, going through this is not that fun. 

At the same time, I was reminded this morning about something my grandpa used to say, “Hoe meer jy verander hoe jy na iets kyk, hoe meer begin die ding waarna jy kyk verander”. Which roughly translate to, the more you change the way you look at things, the more those things start to change. It is applicable in so many areas of our lives and certainly this current circumstance we find ourselves in. When we apply only the lense of fear and pessimism to this situation (which I would completely understand) we might just miss some of the opportunities that lie within these days. It might be just the time to connect in new ways, share our love and thoughts in new ways and come back to things we missed or did not have time for in the past. For me it has been fly tying at night and doing some projects in the house that teaches the kids some good life skills – like changing light fixtures and doing some woodwork projects. These things have always been available to do but with the kids’ busy school and sport schedules, they have fallen to the wayside. So for us this slowdown is creating some space to focus on what is most important in a new way. 

By no means do I want to tell you how you should perceive this current challenge. We all have different challenges that have been created by this event along with all the other challenges life throws at us. However, I did want to share a perspective and the thought from my grandpa that might just be of some use to you. 

Here are links to five articles/podcasts I think you will find interesting and informative:  

Hope you find the opportunity within the challenges.

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